Barbara Culver Clack Award and Chair’s Award

The award originally was named the Chair’s Award. It was renamed the Barbara Culver Clack Award in honor of a judge who was a member of the State Bar of Texas at a time when the wives of male attorneys often outnumbered female attorneys at annual bar meetings. Justice Clack petitioned the State Bar of Texas for some kind of distinction so that women members of the bar could identify each other for support and gain recognition from their peers as participants in an increasingly diverse legal community. Shortly thereafter, in 1980, the Women and the Law Section was formed, with Justice Clack as its first chair.

This award was established in 2013 to honor a section member who substantially supports the chair in accomplishing section objectives.

Barbara Culver Clack Award Recipients
2021 Tiffanie Clausewitz
2021 Denise Alex
2020 Not awarded
2019 Teresa Schiller
2017 Karen Smith
2016 Deborah Race
2015 Judy L. Ney
2014 Andrea Johnson
Chair’s Award Recipient
2013 Carolyn F. Moore