• Determines the needs of women lawyers and how the section can address those needs
  • Develops a plan to promote interest and membership in the section and implements the plan through contact with individuals and groups, and through media releases and other publications
  • Works with the State Bar Services Divisions, including the Section Department, the Membership Department, and the Minority Affairs Department, on membership issues
  • Develops and implements a plan to identify and involve minority membership in section activities


  • Assists the chronologist in locating and chronicling the achievements and contributions of women to the legal profession
  • Cooperates with other groups to accomplish the chronologist’s goals
  • Plans and implements fund-raising activities to support the committee’s projects
  • Implements the committee’s activities
  • Establishes sub-committees as necessary to accomplish the committee’s duties


  • Serves as columnist and writes articles on topics that promote the section’s mission and as directed by the Newsletter VP
  • Conducts sufficient background research to support newsletter articles
  • Cooperates with other state and local bar associations, especially local women’s bar associations to exchange news and promote the election’s mission
  • Assists the Newsletter VP and appointed co-editors in producing an informative and professional publication


  • Updates existing website content and adds appropriate links to other websites relevant to the section
  • Develops new content for the WAL website and keeps abreast of changes in website-related technology
  • Appoints a liaison to interact with the website’s host on technical and billing issues
  • May serve as webmaster to troubleshoot website issues


  • Promotes continuing education of lawyers focusing on enhancing professional growth, providing high quality services to clients, and educating the public on matters of legal consequence, with special emphasis on issues affecting women as professionals, as litigants, and as citizens
  • Plans topics for the section’s Annual CLE Institute, contacts speakers, raises funds, arranges for facilities, works with the State Bar TexasBar CLE Department, and plans special activities in conjunction with the Institute
  • Cooperates with other groups or sections to plan and assist in educational activities