Mission and Achievements

Our mission is

(a) to encourage and facilitate the active and effective participation of women — both in the legal profession and in the community.

(b) to address women’s current needs and the issues affecting them.


Helping Women Lawyers

to build strong professional networks across the state.

Participating in Ongoing

efforts to create professional environments that promote success for new generations of women lawyers.

Advocating for Diversity

and inclusion in the legal community.

Cultivating Leadership

through section council and committee involvement.

Highlighting Expertise

through publication and presentation opportunities.

Educating Members

through continuing legal education programs, newsletters, and other initiatives.

Incentivizing Texas Law School Students

to tackle legal and societal challenges through a writing competition named in honor of Harriet E. Miers.

Recognizing Excellence

in the women’s bar with awards named in memory of Barbara Culver Clack, Sarah T. Hughes, and Louise B. Raggio.

Supporting Historic Legislation

including (a) Texas’ first alimony law, (b) punishing sexual predators, and (c) prohibiting gender discrimination in private clubs.